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Council: City Council

council: In slashing the number of representatives on city council from 47 to 25, Premier Doug Ford has made it virtually impossible for Black candidates and other racialized people with progressive agendas to be elected, according to NOW Magazine. For decades, city council has not reflected the racial make up of the city. Residents of the City of Toronto will elect 25 representatives to city council on Monday October 22 . Many of the 51 per cent of racialized people who constitute the majority of the city's population will go to the polls not recognizing the names on the ballots, except for the names of incumbents, some of whom have a history of anti-Black, anti-immigrant, anti-poor, sexist and homophobic political positions. Mayor John Tory and city council put forward 7.5 million to beef up policing and surveillance technology in priority neighbourhoods. Giorgio Mammoliti in Ward 7 has gone so far as to threaten to destroy social housing rather than invest in it. So far, neither the mayor nor most others running for re-election in wards where Black people have been targeted as thugs, sewer rats and cockroaches have offered any creative solutions to ensure the economic and social viability of our communities. ( As reported in the news.