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City Politics: Premier Ford and Tory Leader

city politics: The 40-year-old's foray into city politics followed a short-lived campaign to become chair of Peel Region, an elected position Premier Doug Ford, who succeeded Brown as Tory leader, abruptly turned into an appointed role just three months shy of Monday's municipal election, according to Vancouver Courier. In the minds of many voters in Brampton there may be a question of whether Patrick Brown is more interested in taking on Premier Ford and perhaps some retribution against Mr. The embattled politician, who was forced to resign as leader of Ontario's Progressive Conservatives months before the party won a majority government, is trying to resurrect his political career with a run for mayor in Brampton, a fast-growing city northwest of Toronto where over 70 per cent of residents identify as visible minorities.article continues below Trending Stories Ken Sim concedes at the 11th hour Vancouver will not have a woman as mayor again Mayor-elect Kennedy Stewart to lead mixed Vancouver city council Check out all the results from the Vancouver election Brown faces an uphill battle against incumbent Mayor Linda Jeffrey, a former Liberal cabinet minister who has the support of high-profile politicians from major parties, including some of Brown's former colleagues. Ford more so than serving the residents of Brampton, said Myer Siemiatycki, a political science professor at Ryerson University. Brown is hopeful for a featured match with Premier Ford. This might be the preliminary round as far as Mr. ( As reported in the news.