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Asylum: Asylum Seekers and Canadian Senators

asylum: Asylum seekers may not be arriving in the numbers of the previous peak, but they still number about 50 per day, according to Toronto Star. A recent poll suggests that most Canadians are concerned about the government's response to them. It is a small ditch, recently filled in with gravel by the local community so as to prevent accidents as asylum seekers haul, push and carry their belongings over to Canada. Two Canadian senators visited Lecolle, Que., to view Roxham Road, above, and found asylum seekers there crossing into Canada in an orderly fashion. MARTIN TREMBLAY / La Presse file photo Four agencies are charged with carrying out the complicated process of managing and processing the irregular arrivals the RCMP, Canada Border Services Agency, Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada and the Immigration and Refugee Board. The senators say the problem is not actually at the border, but with the lengthy immigration approval process that comes after. ( As reported in the news.