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Wage Increases: Parti Quebecois and Effect June

wage increases: I want to build a strong Quebec within Canada, Legault said, explaining the position his party has taken to be a federalist alternative to the Liberals and a nationalist alternative to the Parti Quebecois, according to Vancouver Courier. You're no longer forced to choose between Quebec and Canada, the PQ and the Liberals, Legault added. All four leaders spoke about the importance of Quebec's anglophone minority, despite the fact a mini-controversy erupted in the province about the fact the televised debate was even going to take place.article continues below Trending Stories Minimum wage increases go into effect June 1 across B.C. East Van birthday parties gone wild Watch our Vancouver mayoral debate Carin Bondar's outrageous acts of teaching science Francois Legault, leader of the Coalition Avenir Quebec, which is leading the polls, said the Oct. 1 election is unlike previous ones in the province. On the one side, the old and tired Liberal government; on the other my party which will bring about positive change. Liberal Leader Philippe Couillard, responding to a debate question from an anglophone refugee from Nigeria, said, the way we talk about immigration and immigrants is not always positive. While the debate themes were targeted to the province's anglophone minority, such as access to the labour market for English-speaking youth, the election campaign's hot-button theme of immigration quickly surged to the forefront. ( As reported in the news.