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Criticism: Mistake and Citizenship

criticism: Maybe I wouldn't have won 'Genies en l'herbe' yesterday, he said, referring to a Radio-Canada trivia show who name translates to 'Budding geniuses.'He added that he should have taken the matter under advisement rather than answering incorrectly, according to National Observer. However, he went on to make another mistake when he said Canada's test for new immigrants comes when they apply for permanent residency, rather than citizenship. Legault drew criticism on Saturday after making a mistake on how long a permanent resident had to wait before applying for citizenship. ; On Day 25 of Quebec's election campaign, he told a Montreal-area news conference that he wouldn't have been a very good game show contestant, and that he should have researched the question instead of answering. The test is before, to have permanent residency, I'll double check to be certain, I'll take it under advisement, he said. Legault said Sunday he'd spent almost all night reading about the federal-provincial accord, which he plans to renegotiate with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau if he is elected. Immigration is a central tenet of Legault's party platform, which includes a proposal to reduce immigration by 20 per cent and require new arrivals to pass a French and values test within three years of arriving as a condition of staying in the province. ( As reported in the news.