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Tva Nouvelles: Ois and Immigration Position

tva nouvelles: Quebec solidaire co-spokeswoman Manon Mass Liberal Leader Philippe Couillard, the Coalition Avenir Quebec's Fran ois Legault and the Parti Qu b cois' Jean-Fran ois Lis e paired up throughout the evening to challenge each other one-on-one, before the floor opened for all participants, according to National Observer. After weeks of taking fire for his controversial immigration position, the CAQ's Fran ois Legault said I'm not perfect, I make mistakes. The debate, hosted by TVA Nouvelles, followed a different format from its predecessors. QCdebate qcpoli Quebec2018Legault, under attack in recent weeks for his controversial position on immigration, espoused a more tempered tone on the topic than in the previous two debates, saying that his policy is not a question of expulsion the only people I want to expel is the Liberals. Both parties are currently leveraging between 30 and 31 per cent of Quebecers' support, while the sovereigntist parties trail behind. The CAQ has seen its long-held lead in the polls disappear this week and is now trailing the Liberals by less than half a point, according to the latest numbers from poll analysis website qc125. ( As reported in the news.