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Background Checks: Tolerance Policy and Fingerprint Checks

background checks: Shelters that house immigrant children have come under scrutiny since the Trump administration introduced a zero tolerance policy that resulted in more than 2,900 children being separated from their families, most of whom have since been reunited, according to Vancouver Courier. Southwest Key was supposed to provide information updating Arizona on the required fingerprint checks by Sept. 14 but didn't do so on time. Texas-based Southwest Key demonstrated an astonishingly flippant attitude toward the state's concerns about delayed background checks for workers at its eight Arizona shelters, the state Department of Health said in a scathing letter Wednesday.article continues below Trending Stories It's raining dead birds in Metro Vancouver Meetings in the works to address 'sorriest' bus stop in Metro Vancouver Richmond's off-street prostitution rings highlighted by deportation case Manny SobralA state investigation this summer prompted by several reports of sexual abuse of immigrant children in Arizona found that some shelters had not conducted fingerprint checks for all employees. When it did, the spreadsheets it provided were out of context and impossible for the health department to decipher, said Dr. Southwest Key's lack of ability to deliver a simple report on the critical protections these children have against dangerous felons demonstrate an utter disregard for Arizona law, the mutual agreement with the department, and calls into question the privilege you enjoy operating a health care institution in the state of Arizona, Christ said in a letter to the non-profit. Cara Christ, the agency's director. ( As reported in the news.