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Square: People and Meskel

square: On Saturday, tens of thousands of people gathered peacefully in Addis Ababa's Meskel Square to cheer one group's return, according to Vancouver Courier. Two days later, police fired tear gas there to disperse people protesting killings blamed by some on youth from the same ethnicity.article continues below Trending Stories Director Kevin Smith had a rubbish start to his day in Vancouver86 per cent of Canadians want to restrict the sale of vaping products to youth British Columbians back use of red light cameras to catch speeders survey Cultural Society connects local Tamils with their heritage Suddenly, the government of 42-year-old Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed appears to be reaching for security tactics whose unpopularity helped to bring down the previous government, while some Ethiopians who cheered Abiy's reforms now accuse him of being soft on the unrest that poses his biggest challenge so far. While exiled groups once banned as terror organizations are welcomed home to join political dialogue, deadly violence erupts on the fringes of celebrations. The internet winked off this week across the capital, a once-common act to control dissenting voices. Some have even called for the return of the state of emergency that Abiy lifted in one of his first acts in office. The National Security Council has vowed all necessary measures against those spreading anarchy, the state-affiliated Fana Broadcasting Corporate reported. ( As reported in the news.