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Mexico: Death and Trump

mexico: The president recorded a video citing Tibbetts' slaying in his case for building a wall on the border with Mexico and adopting other policies intended to keep immigrants from entering illegally, according to Vancouver Courier. So far, Trump and many others who followed his lead have not weighed in on the death of Celia Barquin Arozamena, who was attacked Monday while golfing on a course near Iowa State University. But politicians who quickly expressed outrage about the immigrant suspect charged with killing runner Mollie Tibbetts have been silent or more restrained about the white homeless man accused in the death of a college golf star from Spain.article continues below Trending Stories Director Kevin Smith had a rubbish start to his day in Vancouver86 per cent of Canadians want to restrict the sale of vaping products to youth British Columbians back use of red light cameras to catch speeders survey Downtown Eastside Canada's most famous junkie' comes clean Hours after Cristhian Bahena Rivera was arrested last month in Tibbetts' death, President Donald Trump declared that the farmhand had killed the beautiful young woman because of the nation's disgraceful immigration laws. The White House press office did not respond to a request for comment Wednesday on Barquin, who was the Big 12 women's golf champion this year and a 22-year-old engineering student. Steve King, an Iowa Republican who tweeted that Tibbetts would be alive if immigration laws were enforced and added Leftists sacrificed thousands, including their own, on the altar of Political Correctness. Neither has Rep. ( As reported in the news.