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Rouhani: Peace Summit and Opening Day

rouhani: Others, like Iranian President Hassan Rouhani, made decidedly unsubtle references to U.S. President Donald Trump, according to Vancouver Courier. Great statesmen, Rouhani said, tend to build bridges instead of walls. On the 100th anniversary of his birth, the legacy of Mandela was front and centre throughout the assembly's opening day, whether at the unveiling of a statue in his grinning likeness or during a peace summit in his name, where a parade of leaders and dignitaries defended the values he came to represent.article continues below Trending Stories Washington sheriff releases composite sketches of man who killed Victoria couple Vancouver filmmaker hunts elusive Grizzly Bryant Big Country' Reeves'Crazy ride home' Woman yells death threats in West Vancouver bus fight'Bella Dolls' Is Vancouver ready for a sex doll brothel Some, like his widow, Graca Machel, urged heads of state and UN officials to take on ego-driven decision-makers, political dogma and greed. Trudeau's brief remarks the speech clocked in at only three minutes were unflinchingly diplomatic, even as they hinted at the global perils chipping away at the post-war global world order, of which the UN's monolithic building at the edge of the East River remains a towering symbol. While global threats like climate change, armed conflict and other emerging threats continue to test the world's commitment to Mandela's values, he said, the man himself would only see such challenges as evidence of work still to be done. That is not to say that our solidarity is unquestioned and unshaken, Trudeau said. ( As reported in the news.