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Removal Orders: Canada and Deportation Orders

removal orders: Newly released figures show Canadian officials have removed only a handful of the hundreds of irregular migrants who arrived in Canada while they were already facing deportation orders from the United States, according to Vancouver Courier. The numbers, tabled recently in the House of Commons, show nearly 900 irregular migrants intercepted by the Mounties in Canada since April 2017 were already under removal orders issued by American authorities. Over the weekend, Blair created a hornet's nest of criticism when he told Global News in an interview that the overwhelming majority of asylum seekers who have crossed irregularly into Canada over the last 21 months have left the country.article continues below Trending Stories'Bella Dolls' Is Vancouver ready for a sex doll brothel 'Crazy ride home' Woman yells death threats in West Vancouver bus fight Vancouver filmmaker hunts elusive Grizzly Bryant Big Country' Reeves Vancouver's record-breaking homeless population at 2,181 people But the government's own numbers tell a different story. As of late June, only six of these people had been removed from Canada. Since early 2017, more than 34,000 asylum seekers have crossed into Canada through unofficial points. Meanwhile, the overall number of irregular migrants who have been deported or removed from Canada also remains low. ( As reported in the news.