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Roman Senate: Ontario Government and Letters Spqr

roman senate: They represent the phrase Senatus Populusque Romanus, which is Latin for The Roman Senate and People or more loosely in English, The Senate and The People of Rome, according to NOW Magazine. We are just as great a city and require a similar political arrangement The Province and the People of Toronto. When in Rome, you see the letters SPQR inscribed on public works buildings. Given the current Ontario government's ideological distaste for central Toronto's tendency to prefer liberals and social democrats to rightists, it's time that the economic engine of Canada and the cultural capital of English Canada claim the rights and powers of a province. When the Big Daddies of Confederation dreamt up the Dominion of Canada, they imagined it as a sub-empire of the British Empire, a deputy British Empire of the Americas. This gambit is vital now that we have a provincial government, led by Doug Ford, that is all too willing to run roughshod over our local democracy by singling out the city in the middle of a municipal election to order the size of council cut in half. ( As reported in the news.