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Half Men: Davis and Stacy L

half men: Stacy L. Smith, actress Amanda Brugel and actress and . After MeToo co-founder Mia Kirshner issued a clarion call to directors, producers, writers, financiers and executives to support female voices, according to CTV. Davis expressed delight at looking into an audience that appeared to be half men before detailing how the early viewing choices of her daughter inspired the work she does through her research-based group, the Geena Davis Institute of Gender in Media. Speakers including actress and activist Geena Davis, inclusion expert Dr. The Thelma and Louise star told the Share Her Journey rally that she began pushing for gender-balanced representation in media for little kids because of the dearth of female characters when her daughter was a toddler. Why are we training them to have unconscious gender bias from the beginning when we know that it is so hard to get rid of While there are many instances of gender inequity, Davis said the one area that can be fixed overnight is onscreen representation. This is the easiest fix -- it's the lowest hanging fruit in all the panoply of problems that we have and it's also the most urgent because why are we teaching kids something that we try so hard to get rid of later on she said to applause and hoots from a crowd that included veteran Canadian indie director Ingrid Veninger. ( As reported in the news.