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Police Officers: Matthew Raymond

police officers: Matthew Vincent Raymond, charged with four counts of first degree murder, arrives at provincial court in Fredericton on Monday, Aug. 27, according to Toronto Star. A video has emerged of Raymond making false statements about Muslim immigrants, while wearing a sandwich board with statements opposing Sharia Law. The seven-and-a-half minute interview with Matthew Raymond was filmed on June 3 in front of the legislature by blogger Charles LeBlanc. Andrew Vaughan / THE CANADIAN PRESS Raymond, 48, is alleged to have fired down upon four people from his apartment window with a long gun, killing two civilians as they loaded a car for a trip and two police officers who responded to the scene on Aug. 10. John's, N.L., had successfully demanded the removal of a cross from a church, citing the internet as his source. In the video, Raymond falsely states that Muslim immigrants in St. ( As reported in the news.