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Police Officers: Assertions Raymond

police officers: On the video, LeBlanc repeatedly questions the truth of various statements from the 48-year-old Raymond, and his tendency to rely on the internet as a source for his assertions, according to CTV. Raymond is alleged to have fired down upon four people from his apartment window with a long gun, killing two civilians as they loaded a car for a trip and two police officers who responded to the scene on Aug. 10. The seven-and-a-half minute interview with Matthew Raymond was filmed on June 3, 2017, by blogger Charles LeBlanc, who said Wednesday he only recently realized who he had spoken to. In the video, Raymond states that Muslim immigrants in St. The Canadian Press can find no record of a cross removal, though five years ago a high school removed a crucifix from the side of a building. John's, N.L., had successfully demanded the removal of a cross from a church, citing the internet as his source. ( As reported in the news.