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Peace Plan: Development Aid and Future u.s

peace plan: President Donald Trump's Mideast team, led by his adviser and son in law Jared Kushner, have been working on their plan for about a year and a half but have not said when it will be made public, according to CTV. The Palestinians accuse the U.S. of being unfairly biased in favour of Israel, citing a series of steps by the White House. The announcement raised new questions about the viability of any future U.S. peace plan. Trump has recognized Jerusalem as Israel's capital over Palestinian objections and last week cut 200 million in development aid to the Palestinians. The Palestinians say these steps are aimed at imposing outcomes for two of the most sensitive issues in the conflict -- the fate of contested Jerusalem and the plight of Palestinian refugees -- without negotiations. Friday's decision cut an additional 300 million to the United Nations Relief and Works Agency, which serves millions of Palestinian refugees and their descendants across the region. ( As reported in the news.