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Paul Chiasson: Canada and Immigration Regulations

paul chiasson: Paul Chiasson / The Canadian Press file photo The Conservative Party of Canada has been copying U.S. propaganda scare tactics by using immigrants to divide Canadians, according to Toronto Star. The misinformation is astounding, since the Government of Canada's website on immigration regulations makes it easy to find the truth. An asylum seeker is confronted by an RCMP officer as he crosses the border into Canada from the United States on Aug. 21, 2017 near Champlain, N.Y. Canada faces an historic surge in asylum claims, prompting debate on what to do. We are a nation founded by immigrants. It is also claimed they are taking our jobs and our welfare. Nothing has changed despite the disinformation coming from the opposition that demonizes a group of people by labelling them terrorists and accusing them of crimes they do not commit. ( As reported in the news.