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Party Leaders: Francois Proposals and French-Speaking Quebec

party leaders: Speaking early Friday, Legault said new immigrants would be given a temporary permit upon entry and then have three years to take free language courses and pass a basic French-language test, according to The Chronicle Herald. Those who fail would not be granted permission to stay and would be considered to be in the country illegally, he said. After two weeks of campaigning nearly devoid of language talk, the issue jumped into the spotlight on Day 16 as party leaders responded to Francois Legault's proposals with differing visions on how best to integrate immigrants into French-speaking Quebec. Legault said most people should pass easily, but he's open to offering an extension or exemption to seniors or those with learning disabilities. Of course we won't ask them for the same. I will be open to accommodations, if someone has learning difficulties, he told reporters. ( As reported in the news.