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Need Workers: Unemployment Rate and Jobs

need workers: The BCIT ironworkers' centre is one facility aiming to train more people for available jobs in the construction industry, according to Toronto Star. Alex McKeen / Star Metro Vancouver The bottom line is you need workers to do the jobs, and when you don't have workers to do the jobs, the jobs don't get done, said Vancouver Centre MP Hedy Fry in an interview. The unemployment rate in B.C. has remained below 6 per cent for 19 months, leaving employers scrambling to find employees of all skill levels. We need to address that, and the only way to address it is labour force immigration. But the numbers illustrated a different state of affairs in British Columbia, where the unemployment rate remained lower than any other province, at 5.3 per cent. Statistics Canada's latest monthly labour market survey, released Friday, showed an overall reduction in jobs in Canada for the first time in three months and the worst decline for Ontario since 2009. ( As reported in the news.