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Music Producer: Newell-Asamoah and Asamoah Lives

music producer: Asamoah lives in his home country of Ghana, where he works as a music producer, and has so far had four visa applications to visit his wife denied by the Canadian government, according to The Chronicle Herald. The whole ordeal has been amplified by misinformation and prejudice that Newell-Asamoah says has come from the office of her MP Darrell Samson. In fact, Newell-Asamoah, who resides in Nova Scotia, is not sure when she will see her husband again. It's been hell for both of us, Newell-Asamoah said of her time apart from her husband, and the rigamarole they have had to go through to attempt to be near one another. But after beginning a new job where she was unable to get vacation time, they began applying for visas for him to visit her. Speaking with The Chronicle Herald, Newell-Asamoah said she has visited her husband twice in Ghana since their wedding last fall. ( As reported in the news.