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Moderates Party: Election Commission and Seat Riksdag

moderates party: About 7.5 million voters were eligible to choose the next members of the 349-seat Riksdag, or parliament, according to Toronto Star. About 6,300 candidates sought the four-year terms. With more than four-fifths of ballots counted, Sweden's national election commission reported the governing Social Democrats had 28.1 per cent of the vote, making it likely to lose a significant number of seats despite emerging with the most support. It was unlikely any single party would secure a majority of 175 seats. The Sweden Democrats received 13 per cent of vote in the last election held four years ago. Hanna Franzen/TT News Agency / The Associated Press The Moderates party was next at 19.2 per cent, while the far-right Sweden Democrats that before the election inspired fear of an anti-migrant backlash that would produce a dramatic ideological swing had 17.9 per cent. ( As reported in the news.