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Atlantic Region: Cent and Labour Shortage

atlantic region: A new study from the BDC says 50 per cent of small and medium-sized businesses in Atlantic Canada are up against a labour shortage, especially in sectors like construction and manufacturing, according to Toronto Star. Andrew Vaughan / The Canadian Press File That puts the Atlantic region ahead of British Columbia at 45 per cent as well as the national average of 39 per cent. According to Labour Shortage Here to Stay, a survey of 1,208 entrepreneurs released Wednesday by the Business Development Bank of Canada BDC 50 per cent of small to medium-sized businesses in the Atlantic region reported difficulty hiring new employees. Pierre Cl roux, BDC's chief economist, said in an interview he was not that surprised to see Atlantic Canada come out on top because during visits with employers this summer he often heard that they have a very tough time hiring people. Article Continued Below It's a bit worse in the Atlantic provinces because over the last decade a lot of young people left the region to work in the west part of the country. As for the reason, Cl roux said Atlantic Canada is facing a more severe version of a problem emerging across the country an aging population. ( As reported in the news.