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Atlantic: Atlantic Canada and Cl Roux

atlantic: In an interview, Cl roux said the labour shortage in Atlantic Canada is not likely to improve for at least 10 years, according to The Chronicle Herald. I think it is the nature of the job market in Atlantic Canada . Although the unemployment rate is going down a little bit, not that much, finding people with the right skills is rare. And as hard as it may be to believe, considering the chronic high unemployment in this region, Cl roux said a BDC study released Wednesday shows the problem is more acute in Atlantic Canada than in any other region in the country. That's the reality in the four provinces, he said. Although Nova Scotia is doing a good job welcoming immigrants and supporting them, he said many entrepreneurs are missing an opportunity by not turning to underutilized segments of the labour force to fill their hiring needs, such as immigrants who are often overlooked as a talent pool. The survey of businesses found that 50 per cent of companies in Atlantic Canada are having difficulty hiring new employees, the highest of any region in Canada and much greater than the national average of 39 per cent. ( As reported in the news.