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Tents: Buddies Hadn and Sikh Society

tents: Brown and his three buddies hadn't any notice of Saturday's Halifax waterfront multicultural festival, that they would be fitted with genuine turbans at no charge, compliments of the Maritime Sikh Society, according to The Chronicle Herald. They were simply walking in the neighbourhood and felt compelled to join in. I always thought they looked comfortable and now I know they are, like I'm lying on a pillow, said Brown with a laugh. It seemed like the natural thing to do when we heard the music, saw all the tents and people having a good time, said Brown. The semitransparent cotton cloth they transformed into religious headdress came in a multitude of bright colours to choose from. Why wouldn't you want to check it out I always thought cultural diversity was a great thing and who am I not to participate in a cool event like this A few friendly Sikh men worked non-stop fitting a lineup of people with their very own turban. ( As reported in the news.