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Alderney Landing: Protesters and Citizens Alliance

alderney landing: Police say the organizers left the area, and protesters dispersed shortly afterward, according to The Chronicle Herald. The group tried to hold a rally at the same venue on Saturday, but decided to reschedule after they were shouted down by demonstrators. Five members of the National Citizens Alliance tried to hold a rally at Alderney Landing but a much larger group of 60 to 80 protesters showed up and interrupted their plans. In June, they tried to gather in a central Halifax park after being denied the use of three indoor venues, but they ended up leaving after they were quickly outnumbered by protesters. While we welcome immigrants, we feel that the extreme multiculturalism and mass immigration policies are a failure, as they result in a divisive and fractured society, the group says in a document titled Our Story. On its Facebook page, the National Citizens Alliance asks all Canadians to join us in our mission to return Canada to the country it was intended to be, saying extreme multiculturalism is a failed policy. ( As reported in the news.