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Sisterly Trio: Tv Networks and Urman

sisterly trio: GIVE 'CHARMED' A CHANCE, CREATORS SAY The cast and producer of CW's new Charmed are defending the reboot as a story for its time, according to The Chronicle Herald. The drama series about three young half-sisters who are witches will confront modern issues including the MeToo movement, executive producer Jennie Snyder Urman told a TV critics' meeting Monday. A roundup of news Monday from the Television Critics Association summer meeting, at which TV networks and streaming services are presenting details on upcoming programs. The varied ethnicity of the sisterly trio white, Latina and African-American also gives the reboot more currency, Urman said. Most people she's talked to are in favour of the switch to characters of colour, said Urman. The women have the same mother but different fathers. ( As reported in the news.