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Jewish Supremacism: Apartheid Regime and Founding Fathers

jewish supremacism: These thoughts ran through my mind as I struggled to write about Bernie Farber's standing among some leftists and liberals, according to Rabble. After Israel recently solidified its apartheid regime, a Facebook friend posted an opinion by illustrious pianist and conductor Daniel Barenboim titled Today, I Am Ashamed to Be an Israeli. Consider the source. While expressing opposition to its recent entrenchment of Jewish supremacism, the story effectively denied the ethnic cleansing of Palestine by claiming, the founding fathers of the State of Israel who signed the Declaration of independence considered the principle of equality as the bedrock of the society they were building. In response to my complaint about citing the former CJC CEO approvingly, Farber wrote, I will continue to work for mutual understanding and do my best to see all sides. More than this sop to colonial history, my leftist Facebook friend's post piqued my ire because it highlighted that the article came from Farber, who worked at the now defunct Canadian Jewish Congress CJC between 1984 and 2011. ( As reported in the news.