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Misinforming Canadians: Surrey Board and Opposition Mps

misinforming canadians: Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen speaks at a Surrey Board of Trade event on Tuesday, according to Toronto Star. David P. Ball / Star Metro There are politicians out there who are keen to use immigration and anti-immigrant sentiment to get into power, he told Surrey Board of Trade members. Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen lashed out during a speech in Surrey, B.C., accusing Opposition MPs of fomenting division among Canadians for political gain. And they're deliberately doing this by misinforming Canadians and by playing to their fears. Increasingly, I'm starting to feel that a portion of the Conservatives is about fear-mongering, pitting Canadians against newcomers, dividing communities and questioning the value of diversity. I'm old enough to remember when being Conservative meant being for balanced budgets, low taxes, being pro-business and pro-investment. ( As reported in the news.