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Justin Trudeau: Immigration Critic

justin trudeau: I would also say that my colleague has a choice to make, according to CTV. Does he want Andrew Scheer to win or Justin Trudeau to win Rempel, the Conservative immigration critic, held a press conference Wednesday morning to suggest a range of changes she wants to see to the Canadian immigration system, and said she hopes it moves the debate past the polarizing language of the past few weeks. Max has never come to talk to me about immigration, Rempel said when asked whether his outspokenness is helpful. Half an hour before the press conference started, Bernier tweeted to criticize party leader Andrew Scheer, who distanced himself last week from Bernier's controversial tweets about multiculturalism. Bernier was criticized last week for a series of tweets on multiculturalism that included arguing more diversity will not be our strength, it will destroy what has made us such a great country. So, after disavowing me last week for raising the issue and telling me to shut up, my colleagues have just realized that this is something Canadians find important and want to hear about Great example of strong leadership! Bernier said on Twitter. ( As reported in the news.