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Fuel Industry: Climate Change

fuel industry: But as Naomi Klein detailed in her acerbic takedown of the piece in The Intercept, blaming diffuse behavioural change instead of institutional power for failing to confront climate change isn't just shoddy analysis, it's dangerous, according to Rabble. Not only does this line of argument free the fossil fuel industry, neoliberal policies, and pipeline-loving politicians from responsibility, but it also undermines the very real grassroots effort organizing in opposition to the very real capitalist, extractivist apparatus. Released to a fanfare of adjacent videos, live events, and educational tools, the article argued that in the late 1980s, we had our chance to deal with climate change, and we blew it. So, what happens when we're all equally to blame for climate change What happens when mainstream media cobbles together a history of climate change policy that ignores the neoliberal explosion of the late 1980s The murky logic of these arguments opens up all sorts of bizarre possibilities. This, of course, is patently false. Including the one where, as Justin Trudeau's government pretends, the wholesale destruction of our environment is compatible with reconciliation efforts with Indigenous communities and First Nations. ( As reported in the news.