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Abdul Mannan: Assam State

abdul mannan: But what can you say when the authorities suddenly insist one of your five children isn't an Indian What do you do when your wife and daughter-in-law are suddenly viewed as illegal immigrants We are genuine Indians, according to The Chronicle Herald. We are not foreigners, said Mannan, 50, adding his family has lived in India's northeastern Assam state since the 1930s. Abdul Mannan just knows a mistake was made somewhere. I can't understand where the mistake is. Today, nativist anger churns through the hills and plains of Assam state, just across the border from Bangladesh, with many here believing the state is overrun with illegal migrants. Neither can nearly 4 million other people who insist they are Indian but who now must prove their nationality as the politics of citizenship overlaid with questions of religion, ethnicity and illegal immigration swirls in a state where such questions have a long and bloody past. ( As reported in the news.