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february: She claims she was hired on as a multicultural customer service representative in February 2018 and allegedly fired without cause or notice three months later.article continues below Trending StoriesB.C. wineries need us to drink their wines to offset losses of wildfire season Help desperately wanted Squamish businesses held back by lack of staffPNE transformation just getting started be different but stay the same Cover Dale Mackay and his son Ayden are the perfect ensemble Throughout her employment the plaintiff was forced to provide customers who spoke Cantonese and/or Mandarin better deals than customer who did not speak Cantonese or Mardarin, the claim states, according to Vancouver Courier. Further, the unlawful discriminatory pricing scheme violates consumer protection laws as well as societal mores. Kwok Bo Daisy Halliday filed a notice of civil claim in BC Supreme Court on August 15. In many though not all instances, the unlawful discriminatory pricing scheme inflicts human rights abuses upon customers and/or potential customers of the defendants. Halliday claims punitive damages must be set at an amount which will financially impact the defendant, and must accordingly be set with reference to the defendant's vast financial wealth and resources. Forcing the plaintiff to foist this upon consumers represents a marked departure from the type of workplace Canadians should feel entitled to and warrants the rebuke of this court. ( As reported in the news.