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Environment: Climate Change and Cabinet

environment: It also noted the committee's mandate remains the same and still includes the consideration of climate change, and the federal environment minister still counts herself a member, according to National Observer. The moves are among a host of changes made Aug. 28 to Canada's governance, in the wake of last month's cabinet shuffle and in the lead-up to the 2019 election. Trudeau also launched a new cabinet committee devoted entirely to Indigenous reconciliation, as part of a cabinet restructuring that was unveiled Tuesday. ; The renaming of the Environment, Climate Change and Energy cabinet committee to Environment and Clean Growth reflects the government's commitment to addressing climate change through growing the economy, Trudeau's office said. New mandate letters for rookie ministers were announced, too, with Bill Blair, the new minister in charge of border security and organized crime, ordered to lead conversations with the United States on the Safe Third Country Agreement governing asylum seekers. They are also an opportunity for ministers to get briefed on the latest tricky issues affecting their files. Cabinet committees are influential, often-overlooked gatherings where ministers decide on how to push the government's agenda forward. ( As reported in the news.