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Anti-Immigrant Group: Alan Dutton and Odin Photo

anti-immigrant group: Supporters gather outside the Discontent City in downtown Nanaimo on Sunday to face off against a rally of anti-homeless camp activists, including members of anti-immigrant group the Soldiers of Odin, according to Toronto Star. Photo via Facebook This is exactly the kind of strategy that the far right has been adopting for many years, Dutton said in an interview. Alan Dutton, director of the Canadian Anti-racism Education and Research Society, said becoming involved in contentious local issues is a trademark move designed to make extremist groups appear more palatable in the eyes of average citizens. Why would you adopt the name of a fascist organization if your intention is simply to help get social housing for the poor and clean up the streets The Sunday confrontation, which ended up being non-violent, pitted roughly 60 anti-homeless camp activists against nearly 150 supporters of Discontent City a tent city formed to protest Nanaimo city council's lack of action on developing supports for the city's exploding homeless population.A spokesperson for Action Against Discontent City AADC the citizens' group that organized the rally against the homeless camp, said the Soldiers of Odin SOO was brought in to protect members of his group from threats of violence, acknowledging they were also there to intimidate. Yeah, they are big guys, but that was the whole point. Article Continued Below I can see why people might be freaked out, said the spokesperson, who declined to provide his name, citing ongoing threats to his personal safety from supporters of Discontent City. ( As reported in the news.