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Alberta: Women and Status

alberta: Grant money is intended to either start or maintain programs aimed at improving the lives of women, according to Toronto Star. MLA Annie McKitrick, future business owner Nadifa Oma, and Status of Women Minister Danielle Larivee enjoy Oma's catering selection at a news conference Tuesday. The Status of Women Community Grants started in 2017 gave up to 50,000 to 32 different projects run by non-profit organizations across Alberta. Government of Alberta We're doing this because we know when women succeed, families succeed as do their communities and Alberta succeeds, said Danielle Larivee, Minister of Status of Women, at a press conference on Tuesday. One of these programs the Women's Centre of Calgary received nearly 30,000 to develop and pilot a leadership program for adult women. The 32 projects we've announced today will help women get good jobs and training, increase the number of women in leadership roles, and help prevent violence against women and girls. ( As reported in the news.