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Vancouver: Juno Awards and Orgininal Story

vancouver: The tweet was a poor attempt made in bad taste to address a serious issue, according to Vancouver Courier. I deeply regret my choice of words in trying to make that point. This is his statement in full, followed by the orgininal story published yesterday by Bob Kronbauer from Vancouver Is Awesome.article continues below Trending Stories Vancouver High on Life vloggers die in Shannon Falls tragedy Greater Vancouver home prices to drop 21 per cent by 2019 analysis Beware the season of the BC Ferry Cab Share Canada launches app changing taxi travel Thursday July 19, 2018A statement from Jonathan Simkin;Last week I tweeted something about the Juno Awards that I wish to speak to. Upon reflection, I can see that the comments were horribly insensitive, and I understand why some people have been hurt by those words. It was not my intent to cause hurt, or to cause people who feel disenfranchised to feel even more disenfranchised. To those people, I apologize. ( As reported in the news.