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Show Kanata: Quebec Institutions and Ariane Mnouchkine

show kanata: We have people claiming that we're attacking French Quebecers and Quebec institutions, when all we're trying to do is state the need for more funding for black and Indigenous communities and overall diversity, according to National Observer. Faced with back-to-back accusations of cultural appropriation and damning international headlines, Lepage proposed to meet with those who signed the letter. Lepage's upcoming show Kanata, about Indigenous people, once again without any real representation or artistic input from the very communities it is about, prompted 20 Indigenous artists and activists to write a letter that was published in Le Devoir. Ariane Mnouchkine of Th tre du Soleil, where Kanata is scheduled for a premiere in Paris, planned to fly in for the meeting. In the meantime, some French-language pundits continue to treat the collective as a fringe group of troublesome, disorganized, and unreasonable fanatics intent on censorship. During his announcement, Lepage indicated he was also willing to meet with the SL V Resistance Collective, a group formed by members of Montreal's black community in response to the show featuring white people in a uniquely black story. ; One hopes that Lepage is inching closer to a reluctant understanding of how damaging it is to tell stories that don't belong to him without the input and participation of these communities. ( As reported in the news.