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stories vancouver: We have agreed to open up embassies in our respective countries, allow our people to visit each other's cities and allow our airlines and ports to operate freely, said Abiy, in comments covered by Eritrean state television, according to Vancouver Courier. Abiy said the two leaders have agreed to bring down the wall between us. Ethiopia's reformist new Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed arrived in Eritrea's capital and was welcomed with hugs and laughter by Eritrean President Isaias Afwerki, a joyous scene unthinkable just months ago.article continues below Trending Stories Vancouver High on Life vloggers die in Shannon Falls tragedy Minimum wage increases go into effect June 1 across B.C. Classic works take on the modern world in Bard on the Beach Which way is the right way for Cambie Bridge cyclists After being cheered by crowds in Asmara, Eritrea's capital, and holding private meetings, the two leaders attended a dinner and announced new measures. Now there is no border between Ethiopia and Eritrea. Love can win hearts, and we have seen a great deal of it today here in Asmara. That border line has gone today with the display of a true love ... love is greater than modern weapons like tanks and missiles. ( As reported in the news.