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Darshan Kaila: Mcleod Park and Kaila

darshan kaila: Darshan Kaila is Pawan's close relative and employed both men, according to CTV. He said the two men were friends. Friday evening Ontario Provincial Police said the Underwater Search and Recovery Unit recovered the bodies of 19-year-old, Arwinder Brar and 20-year-old, Pawan Preet Brar, following a report of two swimmers in distress in McLeod Park on Thursday. It's a loss we cannot recover or don't know we are going to cope within our life, but we try within our life, but we try our best to pray and get help from God, said Kaila. Kaila said when the pair disappeared he travelled to Kenora and has been receiving updates from police. He said they travelled to the area for a day trip with five other people, and were planning to be back in Winnipeg for a shift later that day, but never made it back. ( As reported in the news.