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Radio Npr: Hamish Hamilton and Amitava Kumar

radio npr: Wolves had roamed the American park until the 1920s, when the last packs were killed by nearby ranchers, according to Toronto Star. Biologists believed reintroducing the animals would help control the burgeoning elk population and rebalance the ecosystem. Michael Lionstar Immigrant, Montana, by Amitava Kumar, Hamish Hamilton, 320 pages, 32 Hamish Hamilton In 1995, eight grey wolves were loaded onto a truck leaving Jasper, Alta., on a journey to their new home in Montana's Yellowstone National Park. Close to a decade later, Indian-born writer and journalist Amitava Kumar was listening to National Public Radio NPR when a news item caught his attention. Kumar discovered later that the small outpost was actually called Emigrant, but my misunderstanding seemed more interesting, and spoke to my identity, he says by phone from his home in Poughkeepsie, N.Y., where he is a professor at Vassar College. Wolf Number Three, who had developed a taste for sheep, had been shot by federal officers at a ranch north of Yellowstone, in a place called Immigrant, Montana. ( As reported in the news.