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Adrian Wyld: Midsummer Hearings and Border Controversy

adrian wyld: Adrian Wyld / THE CANADIAN PRESS FILE PHOTO There is a challenge, but it is not a crisis, Goodale said during the rare, midsummer hearings by the Commons immigration committee, according to Toronto Star. Words always matter in politics, but it is striking to see just how much they count in the whole debate over asylum-seekers at Canada's borders. Conservative MP Michelle Rempel circulated a video essentially arguing that Liberals are playing with words to make the border controversy even more divisive. Are we talking about irregular or illegal crossings That's an ongoing controversy all on its own. Rempel prefers to use the word illegal, for reasons she explains in the video. Conservative MP Michelle Rempel did a little video on that very question earlier this month and circulated it on social media, essentially arguing that Liberals are playing with these words to make the controversy even more divisive. ( As reported in the news.