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Production: Winnipeg Production and School Life

production: However, not one of the 34 actors are Indigenous, according to Rabble. This is reminiscent of the Royal Winnipeg ballet's production, Going Home, chronicling the aftermath of residential school life. Quebec theatre director Robert Lepage is launching his newest production, Kanata -- effectively an accounting of the treatment of Indigenous peoples living in Canada by settlers. Not only did that production fail to include a single Indigenous dancer, but it was based on a story by the controversial novelist Joseph Boyden with music composed by Greek-Canadian Christos Hatzis. Once more, not his story to own and tell. And, how about master storyteller and Canadian conservation pioneer Grey Owl or should I call him by his real English name, Archibald Stansfeld, who, according to the publishers of his collected works, is heralded as a great Native Canadian who used Native storytelling as a vehicle for environmental activism and awareness. ( As reported in the news.