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Nova Scotia: Family Patriarch and Hadhad Family

nova scotia: Soon after arriving in Nova Scotia a little more than two years ago, the family patriarch began making chocolate again from a small workshop at their new home, according to CTV. With soaring demand, Peace by Chocolate went on to open a large, modern factory in Antigonish in Sept. 2017. After the Hadhad family's Damascus chocolate factory was destroyed in a 2012 bombing, they fled to Lebanon where they spent three years in a refugee camp. They now employ more than 20 people. Hadhad is now a sought-after speaker and his family's business has even been heralded by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau as an example of what newcomers add to Canada. I want Canadians to feel the importance of peace, of understanding each other, the chocolatier's son and company spokesperson Tareq Hadhad told CTV News. ( As reported in the news.