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Media Network: Communications Platform and Holocaust Denial

media network: It needed only about a decade to go from a dorm-room startup to the largest and most influential communications platform in the world, according to Toronto Star. But it's been two years since a U.S. presidential campaign in which the company was a primary vector for misinformation and state-sponsored political interference and Facebook still seems paralyzed over how to respond. The speed at which it adapted to every challenge was legendary. Facebook leaders have stumbled over basic questions this week, including whether or not they would allow Holocaust denial on the social media network. Zuckerberg, in an interview with journalist Kara Swisher that was published Wednesday, argued that Facebook would not ban Holocaust denialism on the site because there are things that different people get wrong. Matt Rourke / The Associated Press File Photo In exchanges with reporters and lawmakers over the past week, its leaders including Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook's chief executive have been comically tripped up by some of the most basic questions the site faces. ( As reported in the news.