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Lands: Palestinian Campaign and Picket Line

lands: As Indigenous peoples, we have both seen our traditional lands colonized, our people ethnically cleansed and massacred by colonial settlers, the Palestinian Campaign for Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel wrote the Iroquois Haudenosaunee Nationals on July 4, according to Rabble. We are asking you to respect our nonviolent picket line by withdrawing from the 2018 World Lacrosse Championships, denying Israel the opportunity to use the national sport of the Iroquois to cover up its escalating, violent ethnic cleansing of Palestinians throughout our ancestral lands. But Ottawa did so at the behest of those promoting the most aggressive ongoing European settler colonialism. While a number of Nationals players expressed support for the Palestinians' plight, the team rejected the call, possibly fearing a fine or banishment from future tournaments. As the only First Nations team officially sanctioned to compete in any sport internationally, playing lacrosse internationally is a way to assert their sovereignty, especially when governments accept their Haudenosaunee passports. Also affecting the Iroquois' decision, whose confederacy crosses the Canada-U.S. border, was the political importance they place on competing internationally. ( As reported in the news.