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Government Agencies: York Community and Recognition System

government agencies: It could be the start of a trend as more schools fearful of shootings consider adopting the technology, which has been gaining ground on city streets and in some businesses and government agencies, according to CTV. Just last week, Seattle-based digital software company Real Networks began offering a free version of its facial recognition system to schools nationwide. Facial recognition technology soon will check each face against a database of expelled students, sex offenders and other possible troublemakers. Already, the Lockport City School District's plan has opened a debate in this western New York community and far beyond about the system's potential effectiveness, student privacy and civil rights. The idea behind the Lockport system is to enable security officers to quickly respond to the appearance of expelled students, disgruntled employees, sex offenders or certain weapons the system is programmed to detect. We shake our heads that we're having to deal with and talk about these kinds of security issues, said Robert LiPuma, technology director for the Lockport district, east of Niagara Falls, but here we are. ( As reported in the news.