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Cbsa Officers: Immigration and Audit

cbsa officers: While the external audit, commissioned by former IRB chairman Mario Dion, focuses on the Immigration Division of the board, it also shines a light on the role and behaviour of Canada Border Services Agency officers, according to CTV. The audit uncovered inaccurate statements made by CBSA officers involved in board hearings, immigration adjudicators deciding the fate of cases based on false information, and detainees left unrepresented and powerless at hearings. The newly released audit of the Immigration and Refugee Board looks at hearings and decisions in randomly selected cases where immigration detention exceeded a minimum of 100 days. The audit describes the relationship between the CBSA and the IRB as regional with the CBSA being more helpful in some areas than others. And in some hearings the Immigration Division official reported being intimidated by the vehement positions expressed by the CBSA hearing officer. The CBSA was reported to be tougher in Ontario, more adversarial in their hearing conduct, and also more likely to overstate evidence or draw conclusions based on speculation rather than fact, states the report. ( As reported in the news.