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u.s .,: American Kids and Taxpayer Expense

u.s .,: I thought it again this week.U.S. Attorney-General Jeff Sessions wrote Tuesday, about Latino refugee kids jailed apart from their parents These children are well cared for, according to Rabble. In fact, they get better care than a lot of American kids do plenty of food, education in their language, health and dental care at taxpayer expense. I've often wished I'd asked what she meant. That's close to saying they're better off imprisoned in the U.S., and should be grateful. Economist Karl Polanyi wrote that Africans transported to the Americas as slaves, as well as Indigenous North American peoples forced onto reserves or reservations, may have gained higher living standards by some measures, but so what Uprooting them from the social and cultural contexts that made sense of their lives and showered them with care, all but destroyed them, or did so. It's a deep misunderstanding, not just of what kids need but what everyone needs. ( As reported in the news.