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Tolerance Policy: Road Closures and Burgers Bank

tolerance policy: A look at the latest developments CONFUSION ON THE BORDERarticle continues below Trending Stories No hormones, no plastic straws and now no meat A&W goes beyond' burgers Bank on road closures in Vancouver for June 24 half marathon Cannabis dispensaries get real Oct. 17, 2018; municipal leaders can't wait Canadian winemakers uncork ad campaign to 'Free My Grapes'Trump's order to stop separating migrant children from their parents spread confusion along the border, with officials sending conflicting signals about the state of the administration's zero tolerance policy, according to Vancouver Courier. Some parents said they did not even know where their children were. Trump himself took a hard line on the crisis, accusing the Democrats of telling phoney stories of sadness and grief. Others said they had been deported without them.A senior administration official said that about 500 of the more than 2,300 children taken from their families at the border in recent weeks have been reunited since May. The federal public defender's office for the region that covers El Paso to San Antonio said Thursday that federal prosecutors would be dismissing cases in which parents were charged with illegally entering the country and separated from their children. There were also signs that the administration was dialing back, at least for now, its zero tolerance policy of prosecuting all adults caught crossing into the U.S. illegally. ( As reported in the news.