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Tax Evasion: Identity Theft and Brands b.c

tax evasion: U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement said it expected criminal charges including identity theft and tax evasion, according to Vancouver Courier. No criminal charges were filed against the company, but the employer is under investigation, authorities said. The operation was part of the White House's increasing focus on businesses that hire people in the country illegally amid a broad range of immigration crackdowns under President Donald Trump that include stepped-up deportations, targeting of sanctuary cities and zero-tolerance border policies.article continues below Trending Stories Car Free Day costing organizers overwhelming fees for security Hector Bremner says his new party will launch at the end of the month These are the top five brands B.C. loves Renaming of Emily Carr painting stirs debate The 114 arrests occurred at two locations of Corso's Flower & Garden Center, one in Sandusky, a resort city on Lake Erie, and another in nearby Castalia. Two locations were searched, and Khaalid Walls, an agency spokesman, said a large volume of business documents were seized. It also highlights a tightrope President Donald Trump's administration is walking as it seeks to please immigration hawks but risks alienating business-friendly Republicans struggling to find enough workers in a tight job market. The operation drew criticism over its heavy show of force that involved aircraft surveillance and a large contingent of federal agents to round up workers at a family business. ( As reported in the news.